The Ramova Brothers Band leapt from the soft hearts and twisted minds of Mark Doyle and Rick Kogan, one warm spring day back in the who-knows-when-aughts.  Since that fateful day we have played and sung our hearts out to many a weary traveler.  The Ramova Brothers perform when they can, being the wandering gypsies that they are. You might have seen them in 2005, playing The Park West for a capacity crowd, or later, in 2006 at the more intimate venue of Martyrs to standing room only with occasional gigs here and there just for fun.  Individually, each Ramova Brother can be seen and heard throughout ChicagoLand, being accomplished singer/songwriters and pickers in their own right.  But once gathered together, a Ramova Brothers show becomes a modern day hootenanny that should not be missed.  Our motto, "It's no fun if it's no fun"! 

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